Data acquisition system for high resolution, multiplexed electrode arrays

TitleData acquisition system for high resolution, multiplexed electrode arrays
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsH Bink, JB Wagenaar, and J Viventi
Conference NameInternational Ieee/Embs Conference on Neural Engineering, Ner
Date Published12/2013

The recent development of novel implantable devices capable of interfacing with the brain using hundreds or thousands of individually controllable microelectrodes has the potential to improve diagnosis and treatment methods for medically refractory epilepsy [1]. While enabling high-resolution interface with minimal wires, the silicon nanomembrane multiplexers built into the electrode array present significant challenges for neural data acquisition systems. These challenges include controlling the switching transistors to obtain useful multiplexed data and providing a constant drain current for on-array buffers. In this paper, we present an improved custom, high-bandwidth, highresolution neural data acquisition system developed to specifically address these challenges. © 2013 IEEE.