Virginia Woods


Postdoctoral Research Fellow

My research focuses on device reliability and high-density stimulation strategies for implantable medical devices. I have training in bioengineering and neuroscience through my undergraduate engineering program, and a PhD in biomedical engineering. My broader academic interests include analog electronics, electrode fabrication, DAQ software development, and bioinstrumentation. My major contributions to the field of neurotechnology are innovations for targeted patterns of neural activation and longer lasting implantable electrodes. 

Contact Information

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Ph.D., Imperial College London 2012

B.S., Cornell University, 2006


Awards and Professional Recognition

2016                   Ripple’s Promising Investigator Research Award Runner-Up

2015                   Ripple’s Promising Investigator Research Award Finalist

2012 – 2013      Dept of Electrical Engineering Faculty Fellowship, New York University

2012                   Neural Interfaces Conference Diversity Travel Award

2007 – 2011      Institute of Biomedical Engineering Scholarship, Imperial College London

2006 – 2007      Whitaker Foundation International Fellowship

2005 – 2006      NIH Biomedical Frontiers Undergraduate Research Scholar

2005                   Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience Travel Award (Society for Neuroscience)

2002 – 2006      John McMullen Dean’s Scholarship, Cornell University