Gabriella Shull

PhD Student

I am currently exploring creating high bandwidth, novel neural interfaces in the Viventi lab. I started my career as an undergraduate researcher in an organ-in-a-chips lab modeling the small intestine to characterize drug toxicity. During my undergraduate studies I also worked in an inorganic chemistry lab synthesizing MRI contrast agents as an REU student at Northwestern University, and served as team leader on the development of a medical device to treat cardiac arrhythmia with CPSI Biotech. I then did my masters at UMN where I developed a computer vision guided robot for injecting arbitrary solutions into single cells with high yield, and developed simple intracortical electrode array fabrication techniques for applications in chronic neural recordings. In my free time I enjoy operating my bitcoin mining farm (Hive Mine LLC), playing guitar/piano, exercising, reading, and many other random things!

Contact Information

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  • M.S. Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (2018)B.S. Biomedical Engineering,  SUNY Binghamton (2016)