Evan Smith

PhD Student

I am currently developing low-noise instrumentation and wireless solutions for neural interfaces. My interest in neural engineering was affirmed in serving as a research and development engineer in Duke’s Brain Stimulation Engineering Lab, following graduation from the University of North Carolina’s biomedical engineering program, where I concentrated on bioinstrumentation, electronics, and computational models. In tandem with research, I have interests in education, mentorship, and entrepreneurship, which have manifest in serving on the teaching staff at Harvard’s School of Engineering in the Active Learning Labs, building relationships as an academic advisor at Harvard College, and co-founding a mental health startup, Hyka. Outside of the lab, I enjoy playing pickup basketball, listening to and making music, and spending time with my wife Briana (a veterinarian) and our objectively adorable dog Addison.

Contact Information

  • Email Address: evan.smith@duke.edu