Dr. Gregory  Cogan

Dr. Gregory Cogan

Assistant Professor, Neurology Department, Duke University

Dr. Yale  Cohen

Dr. Yale Cohen

Professor of Otorhinolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Diego  Contreras

Dr. Diego Contreras

Professor of Neuroscience, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Hui  Fang

Dr. Hui Fang

Associate Professor, Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College

Dr. Robert C Froemke

Dr. Robert C Froemke

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, Neuroscience & Physiology, Skirball Institute, NYU School of Medicine; Center for Neural Science, NYU

Dr. Michael M Haglund

Dr. Michael M Haglund

Neurosurgeon, Spine Surgeon, Duke Neurosurgery

Dr. Nandan  Lad

Dr. Nandan Lad

Neurosurgeon, Associate Professor of Neurosurgery, Duke University

Dr. Brian  Litt

Dr. Brian Litt

Professor of Neurology and Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. James  Morizio

Dr. James Morizio

Adjunct Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Duke University

Dr. Bijan  Pesaran

Dr. Bijan Pesaran

Associate Professor of Neural Science, Center for Neural Science New York University

Dr. Shervin  Rahimpour

Dr. Shervin Rahimpour

Neurosurgeon, University of Utah

Dr. Saurabh  Ranjan Sinha

Dr. Saurabh Ranjan Sinha

Associate Professor of Neurology, Duke University

Dr. John A Rogers

Dr. John A Rogers

Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering and Neurological Surgery (and by courtesy Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry), Northwestern University

Dr. Ken  Shepard

Dr. Ken Shepard

Professor of Electrical Engineering, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University

Dr. Florian  Solzbacher

Dr. Florian Solzbacher

Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Utah; President of Blackrock Microsystems