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H Fang, J Zhao, KJ Yu, E Song, AB Farimani, C-H Chiang, X Jin, Y Xue, D Xu, W Du et al. "Ultrathin, transferred layers of thermally grown silicon dioxide as biofluid barriers for biointegrated flexible electronic systems." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113, no. 42 (2016): 11682-11687.
JA Blanco, M Stead, A Krieger, J Viventi, WR Marsh, KH Lee, GA Worrell, and B Litt. "Unsupervised classification of high-frequency oscillations in human neocortical epilepsy and control patients." Journal of Neurophysiology 104, no. 5 (2010): 2900-2912.
Y Song, Y Wang, and J Viventi. "Unsupervised Learning of Spike Patterns for Seizure Detection and Wavefront Estimation of High Resolution Micro Electrocorticographic ( $\mu $ ECoG) Data." Ieee Transactions on Nanobioscience 16, no. 6 (2017): 418-427.