A Soft, High-Density Neuroelectronic Array.

TitleA Soft, High-Density Neuroelectronic Array.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2023
AuthorsKJ Seo, M Hill, J Ryu, C-H Chiang, I Rachinskiy, Y Qiang, D Jang, M Trumpis, C Wang, J Viventi, and H Fang
JournalNpj flexible electronics
Start Page40
Date Published01/2023

Techniques to study brain activities have evolved dramatically, yet tremendous challenges remain in acquiring high-throughput electrophysiological recordings minimally invasively. Here, we develop an integrated neuroelectronic array that is filamentary, high-density and flexible. Specifically, with a design of single-transistor multiplexing and current sensing, the total 256 neuroelectrodes achieve only a 2.3 × 0.3 mm2 area, unprecedentedly on a flexible substrate. A novel single-transistor multiplexing acquisition circuit further reduces noise from the electrodes, decreased the footprint of each pixel, and potentially increased the device lifetime. The filamentary neuroelectronic array also integrates with a rollable contact pad design, allowing the device to be injected through a syringe, enabling potential minimally invasive array delivery. Successful acute auditory experiments in rats validate the ability of the array to record neural signals with high tone decoding accuracy. Together, these results establish soft, high-density neuroelectronic arrays as promising devices for neuroscience research and clinical applications.

Short TitleNpj flexible electronics